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How I Work

"Thank you for helping me to feel much happier and more confident.”

How I Work. Breaking Wave

My Approach

I draw on humanistic, psychodynamic and transpersonal perspectives in my practice. I encourage people to shape the therapeutic process with me, and to develop their inner resources and creativity.

I work with people to understand how the past has influenced the present, to deepen self-awareness and catalyse change. I invite clients to talk about significant people and relationships in their life, and address unresolved issues and conflicts.

I support people to express parts of themselves which have been denied or suppressed, so that their lives and relationships can become richer and more authentic. The therapeutic relationship is the crucible of change, and a focus of my practice.

Parts Work

We all have parts which help us navigate our lives. When things are going well, we are often not aware of our parts because they are working harmoniously together. When things aren't going so well, our parts often fragment and erupt. An angry part can attack a friend, colleague or partner. A frightened part can make us retreat and withdraw. A manager part can go into overdrive and wear us out.

Each of our parts wants to help, although they can act in unhelpful ways when they are triggered. Parts work allows us to see which aspects of our psyche we identify as "me" and those we judge as "other". It helps us inhabit the space between our parts in which new choices can arise.

"Only connect! Live in fragments no longer... "

- E M Forster

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